Shadows of the Unknown

The Begining

The Venture Thus Far

Fate Incarnate

What brought this band of diverse adventurers together? Was there a single cause they all wanted to be apart of. Or was there some greater Evil they all had to band together and vanquish? Ill tell you now reader, it was none of the above. From the beginning of time these characters fates have been weaved together by the loom of fate, but who or what brought them together? Well, no one knows who brought them together, but they all know what brought them together. For it was no mortal man but a dark figure a shadow of time itself; some people have come to know him, by the stories now told. He appeared to most of these adventurers and pointed them into the way they were fated to walk.

By Her Request

Well where did they go, which direction did this shadow of time point them into? The Direction lead them to the largest Western Coastal City of Alben’s Hold. To their surprise while they were exploring the city they saw a flash of light coming from behind the tavern which peaked their interests. Upon arriving to investigate this mysterious flash they find a man lying there unconscious. The next thing they know the corner of the tavern is on fire and the guards are on their way over. Once they arrive they convict these bystanders of setting the fire and throw them into the dungeons. While they were in the dungeons they became better antiquated and wondered where this man from the flash came from. While they were incarcerated this man was still unconscious. About an hour later a lady by the name of Amber Reath came and released them from the prison explaining that She saw what had happened and that the flash caused the fire. Right after these strangers were let go they were summoned to meet with the Countess of the Region. Much to their surprise when they meet the Countess it is none-other that Amber Reath the one who testified of their innocence. She asked of them a proposition which was to rid the lower market sewers of the nasty Kobolds that have taken up residence in them. So the team did as they were asked and up-rooted these vile Kobolds of their new found home. On their way back to inform the countess of their mission they saw a rust monster flee down one of the abandon tunnels, so they followed it. When they got to the end of the abandon tunnel they get to a huge, what looks to be like a cistern where all the sewers convene into one drop shaft.

Into The Deep

While these adventurers were meandering around on the platform that was covering up half of this cistern, everything stops, the adventurers are unable to move and before them appears a man in black robes and glowing blue eyes. This man speaks to them telling them to destroy the “Seal” and afterwards, everything gets set back into motion. Shortly after this figure vanished the platform the adventurers were standing on fell from beneath them and they all went tumbling down this abyss, and passed out. Upon awakening they are in a pool of water and are unscathed. In the center of this cylindrical room there is a central walkway that spans east to west. When they finally compose themselves they decide to take this central path to the west. As they follow the path west it gets smaller and smaller until they come into a semi-dark room with three unknown figures towards the back of the room. Getting closer to the figures they notice the adventurers and spring into action to fight against the adventurers. In the end the three figures or Wights as their known are lying in the dirt, dead. After this small venture they head back out of this small room they ventured into and headed down the eastern tunnel to find themselves in a deep black fog with an ominous voice welcoming them to these depths they’ve found themselves in.

The Protector

Where Are We? What brought us here? These are the questions of the adventures as they emerged from the veil of black fog in a sealed off underground city. Being the adventures they are they decided to look around all the while this “Protector” of a forbidden seal is speaking to them. He tells them to find four keys and to break in and destroy the seal. Why? Why would this “Protector” want the adventurers to destroy the very thing he is protecting. Some people say it was a curse that bound the Protector to the this seal. Or perhaps he thought he could best these mere normal adventures, but what he lacked the knowledge of knowing was that these were not “Normal Adventurers”. After finding the keys and opening the door the group bested this “Protector”. What he left behind was a vertically slender crystal known as a Seal. What does this crystal seal away? Why did the man in black Robes tell the adventures to destroy it? So many questions arose in the thoughts of the group. In the end they tried destroying it and touching it individually but the Seal only harmed the group multiple times. Only when the entire group interacted with it, did it finally produce results. After interacting with the crystal it sent the group into a trance like state which they are still unable to speak about. When they finally came out of the trance they fell unconscious but the the crystal or “Seal” was destroyed. Whatever they did it worked.


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