Shadows of the Unknown

|~ Separate Ways ~|


|~Davovar's Search for Truth~|

After the betrayal and failure at Mt. Vherik, Davovar searches for the truth of his fathers supposed "death" in order to clear his name. Before Davovar head out he speaks with the court wizard in hopes he can sell some of the potions he found in the city beneath Alben's Hold. He got a better deal than he thought, after asking about the mystical purple potions the Wizard asked more and more questions and in turn payed Davovar for the information. In the end He didn't have to pay a cent for some supplies and a new Golden Steed. After a long trek to his home town of Frosts’Trorres he came up to his cousin Drengar's house, where he laid low until the cover of night. Since he was wanted by the Legacy of the Archaic Unknown for killing the guild leader (Davovar's Father), whose base of operations Davovar needed to get into. Drengar his cousin was the only one he could trust in the town, because he sincerely believes that Davovar didn't kill his own father. He describes to his cousin what his plans are for infiltrating the guild hall and retrieving his fathers journal. He believes that his fathers journal will point him to where his father actually is. When night falls He makes his way to the Guild Hall and finds a way to get in undetected through the back of the building. Once inside his goal is to find the secret passage ways that will lead him to the winding catacombs underneath the city. Getting to the catacombs was easy but navigating them was a separate monster. He wandered the catacombs for six hours before he found these weird symbols on the top of the archways that connected each individual tomb. After walking for a little while longer he noticed a pattern with the symbols. So he followed the symbols and found this inner grotto. Inside this central area there are two huge mausoleum's, with plant life surrounding them like he had never seen before, when out of nowhere this raspy high pitched voice that said he wanted to eat Him because he was so hungry. Long story short He had to kill this creepy voiced hermit. After this confrontation He mustered all of his strength and pushed open one of the mausoleum doors and inside he finds a central coffin with about 100 coffins encircling the center one, about 50 on an upper floor overlooking the lower floor which also has around 50. In his curiosity he opened the main coffin and once he does this a skeleton of a man sits up and casts this spell on him saying afterwards "Flesh of My Flesh". After this happened the skeleton receded and the coffin closed and moved off to the side to reveal a staircase behind it. Heading down the stairs he finds his fathers study, a rather large place. Searching around He finally finds the journal he was looking for. After rifling around for some more gear He left the study through a portal that apparently and conveniently opened at the beginning of the Catacombs. After he made his way back out of the Catacombs he finds himself being attacked and knocked out by the current guild leadr of the Archaic Unknown. His cousin Drengar, just in a nick of time grabs Him and takes him to a place known as "The Haven" to recover. The tale past this point is clouded and cannot be divulged by normal means of storytelling.


|~Kembo's Calling~|

After the grave defeat atop Mt. Vherik Kembo spent time in Alben's Hold working at various jobs, to keep him sidetracked from the loss of a Dragon's Egg. About two months of working in the city Davovar catches up with Kembo and they get a job from the countess to quash a bandits nest east of the City in the far ends of the plains of Louknir. Kembo and Davovar set out and did as they were, assigned, but on the way back to Alben's Hold they were met by a large White Dragon that requested the urgency of Kembo to meet with the High Conclave of Dragons. After sending word to the countess that the initial mission has been completed, Kembo along with Davovar hit the skies on the back of the White Dragon. Arriving to Evroth the hidden Sancuary of the Dragons, Kembo and Davovar are escorted by a Dragon Acolyte named Derik, through the beautiful domain to a huge cave overhang known as the Scaled Chamber. Inside the chamber Kembo is addressed by the High Conclave about a form of Dragon’s Blood known as Sentinal’s Blood.


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